Castle Bldrs is a custom home building company that makes your dream home a reality through the hard work and creativity of our experienced architectural design team. We encourage you to stop pinning spiral staircases and baroque kitchens to your dream home vision board and start working with us to bring it to life. We understand the importance of building the perfect home that you’ve wanted for as long as you can remember, and we take that to heart. From preliminary sketches, to breaking ground, to putting those perfect final touches on your home, you can expect exemplary customer service from Castle Bldrs.

With over a decade of experience and executing outstanding projects, we’ve grown through the referrals of happy clients. Castle Bldrs sees building beautiful, unique, and luxury homes as more than a job. The project of today becomes the home that is passed down for generations to come. It will become the place where the most important moments of our client’s life unfold. It gives us the exceptional opportunity to make a positive life-long impact. We don’t take this lightly, and our work ethic and reputation prove that.

Although our name is Castle Bldrs we excel at more than grandiose columns and chandeliers. If your perfect home is sleek and minimalist or rustic and modern, we can make that dream come to fruition, too. We don’t only build castles. We build all inspired visions.

Building Our Reputation One Home At A Time

We’re in the business of granting wishes, brick by brick, one home at a time. The process of building a new home or renovating an outdated space doesn’t have to be a nightmare. At Castle Bldrs we believe it can be a dream experience. Instead of a tedious and overwhelming undertaking, applying our experience and knowledge makes the development enjoyable and exciting. Our clients get to watch as a wish becomes tangible. A personal relationship with your project manager promises streamlined communication where your needs and ideas are effectively implemented.

Much like a home, the success of a strong business starts at its foundation. That’s why we adhere to these four foundational principles:

  • QUALITY. “Quality is not what you see at closing…it’s what you see years down the road.”
    We build homes, additions, and basements that are meant to withstand the test of time. Decisions are based on constructional caliber and ethics, not what’s cheap and easy. Our focus is on impeccable craftsmanship instead of shoddy work that cuts corners. We choose prosperity over profit. Consult with Castle Bldrs and we’ll show you the difference.
  • VALUE. “We’ll make your dreams come true at a fair price.”
    Our secret to competitive pricing is working with our contractors and trades managers ethically and honestly. We’ve spent years building positive relationships with every person we employ and it’s through this trust that we can offer aggressive pricing in exchange for efficient and high-quality work. Because of our experience and thoroughness, we cut down on unnecessary overhead, so we get it right the first time, minimizing needless costs.
  • TIMELINESS.”Time and Money are two indispensable commodities in the construction business.”
    Castle Bldrs manages projects with tight but realistic schedules for project completion. We dedicate ourselves to completing our projects on time without sacrificing quality.
  • EXPERTISE. “We surround ourselves with leading professionals.”
    All of our trades managers must pass a thorough vetting process before they are invited to work with us. Each has an impressive history of working on high-end estate homes and consistently demonstrated professionalism, integrity, and expertise.

Building Green

At Castle Bldrs our custom work is designed to harmonize with the environment. We design energy-efficient residences by working with the power nature already offers. The goal is to make your dream materialize while minimizing the carbon footprint left behind.

Castle Bldrs’ green elements include:

  • 90+% efficient furnaces to reduce the use of fossil fuels

  • Fluorescent lighting throughout the home to reduce the use of electricity

  • Low-flow and pressure-sensitive plumbing fixtures to conserve water

  • High-performance windows with low E glass that are Energy Star qualified

  • Custom house wrap and air-sealing to reduce air infiltration and reduce energy use

  • R38 blown cellulose attic insulation to conserve energy

  • Low VOC paints, stains, & sealers to reduce harmful chemicals being released into your home

  • Engineered wood products such as laminated beams, floor joints, and oriented strand board that are manufactured with fast-growing, renewable timber

Our Work

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Philanthropy and Community Feedback

“Eagle’s Nest Kids, is delighted that Vip from Castle Bldrs is a member of our volunteer team serving children with physical and developmental challenges here at Willow Creek Church. We are looking forward to his continued involvement in the lives of these special children.”


“Castle Bldrs provided heat, hot water, and air conditioning to our church when it had none. I am committed to helping the misguided, and Castle Bldrs has made it a lot easier for me to do my job with their contributions”


“Castle Bldrs donated time, material, and supplies for a local victim of domestic violence. Their generosity helped make her new home more comfortable and useable!”


Our Associates

Here at Castle Bldrs we believe that knowledge is power. Explore a list of our trusted suppliers. We know you’ll be impressed.